“We couldn’t have built the company and gained the support we have been given without Gazelle Lab and the platform they provided.” – Carvoyant

“Gazelle lab offered excellent mentorship which was invaluable to a young entrepreneur like me. If there was someone I needed to know they put me in touch.” – Kngroo

“Gazelle Lab was an amazing opportunity. We received a great outpouring of support and guidance and the process was extraordinary.” – Teburu

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Gazelle Lab 2.0
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Gazelle Lab 1.0
Carvoyant (formerly AutoIQ) – AngelList | CrunchBase
Dropost.itAngelList | CrunchBase
Kngroo (formerly CityQuest) – AngelList | CrunchBase
Leads DirectAngelList | CrunchBase
Red Hawk InteractiveAngelList | CrunchBase
TeburuAngelList | CrunchBase