Betsy Bennett, Owner, Bennett Consulting Services, Inc.
Bruce Bennett, Executive Chairman, Mad Mobile Inc.
Marc Blumenthal, CEO, Intelladon
Wayne Brass, Consultant, SBDC Tampa Bay
Brent Britton, Technology Group Leader, Gray Robinson
Allen Clary, COO, Infusion Brands
Debra Curtiss, VP & General Manager, Peak 10 Data Center Solutions
Tony DiBenedetto, Owner, TriBridge
Ryan Dorrell, CTO, AgileThought
Dino Eliadis, President, DE, Inc.
Duncan Evans, Managing Partner, DCTX Holdings, LLC
Ken Evans, Co-Founder, IdeaField CoWorking
Gabe Faraone, Principal, GAFconsulting
Cory Foy, Senior Consultant and Trainer, Net Objectives
Tony Francisco, President & CEO, VAR Dynamics
Dennis Fredrickson, Principal, CFO Solutions Resource

Alfred Goldberg, President of North American Operations, Absolute Mobile Solutions
Kevin Harrington, Chairman, TV Goods

Mary Jo Jackson, Assistant Professor of Management, University of Tampa
William T. Jackson, Director, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USFSP
Chris Kluis, Director of Marketing, Mintek Mobile Data Solutions
Keith Krueger, Partner, Vista Mar Partners
John Kypriotakis, President, Lysis International, Inc.

Kurt Long, Founder & CEO, FairWarning, Inc.
Joel Lopez, Managing Director, 2Z Consulting Inc.
Sean Lucey, Business Development, Ultramatics
Stephen MacDonald, Founder & CEO, myMatrixx
Elizabeth Markie, Founder, WeImagine, Inc.

Christine Mendonca, Managing Director, Shore to Shore Advisory, LLC

Ron Miller, President, Miller Advisory Corp
John Morrow, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USFSP
Eric Norlin, General Partner, SK Ventures

Ed Parker, Startup Specialist
Lesley Peters, Founder & CEO, Qualified Communication Services, LLC

Howard Sachs, SRVP Financial Planning, Raymond James
William Sager, SVP, HipCricket
Marvin Scaff, Managing Director, Liquidity Engine
Nathan Schwagler, Creative-In-Residence, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USFSP
Daniel James Scott, Associate Director, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USFSP

Sri Sridharan, CEO, Ultramatics
Mark Swanson, President & CEO, Telovations, Inc.

Tom Wallace, CEO, VectorLearning
Richard Walling, President & COO, H&A Consulting Partners, LLC
John Walsh, Owner, Walsh Solutions Group
Ralph Warmack, PhD, Worldwide Principal, Blue Gene® Supercomputers, IBM

Brad Wendkos, Founder, TrueFire
Zach Wendkos, Online Media Director, TrueFire
David Whitney, Entrepreneur In Residence, College of Engineering, UF