“Getting Tampa Bay’s name on the map.” – TechCrunch

“Best idea incubator.” – Creative Loafing

“Massive economic impact.” – Florida Trend

“Doing the right things for the comunity.” – Tampa Bay Business Journal

“Something to be seriously encouraged.” – Tampa Bay Times

Gazelle Lab – AngelList | CrunchBase

“We couldn’t have built the company and gained the support we have been given without Gazelle Lab and the platform they provided.” – Carvoyant

“Gazelle lab offered excellent mentorship which was invaluable to a young entrepreneur like me. If there was someone I needed to know they put me in touch.” – Kngroo

“Gazelle Lab was an amazing opportunity. We received a great outpouring of support and guidance and the process was extraordinary.” – Teburu

Carvoyant (formerly AutoIQ) – AngelList | CrunchBase
Dropost.it – AngelList | CrunchBase
Kngroo (formerly CityQuest) – AngelList | CrunchBase
Leads Direct – AngelList | CrunchBase
Red Hawk InteractiveAngelList | CrunchBase
TeburuAngelList | CrunchBase

2013 Tampa Bay Technology Forum Technology Leader of the Year (Daniel James Scott)
2012 Tampa Bay Technology Forum Collaboration Award Finalist (Gazelle Lab)
2011 City of Tampa & City of St. Petersburg proclaimed November as Entrepreneurship Month (Gazelle Lab)


St. Pete 10 years after the recession: Entrepreneurial energy ignites
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Caffeinated collaboration
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Happy Anniversary! Thanks For Reading And Sharing 83 Degrees Media Stories
(83 Degrees Media, 19 November 2013)

TBTF Honors USF Technology Thought Leaders
(The Crow’s Nest, 5 November 2013)

High Honors for Entrepreneurship Professor and Alumnus
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Later stage capital leads investment in 2013
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Incubators playing key role in nurturing Tampa Bay area startups
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Tampa Bay at a crossroads in nurturing startup culture
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Tampa Bay’s startup crossroads: A list of local entrepreneurial efforts
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Helping Small Businesses Win
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140 local business Twitter handles
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32 speakers get 5 minutes each to ignite Tampa Bay’s economy, imagination
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Tampa Founder Institute Final Applications Due Today
(Founder Institute, 24 March 2013)

Great #Startup Mentors Confirmed for the Tampa Founder Institute
(Founder Institute, 21 March 2013)

Startup Weekend Next Kicks Off April 10th in Tampa
(83 Degrees Media, 12 March 2013)

Getting comfortable with tech funding
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 1 March 2013)

Finding Happiness In The Transition From Founder To Programmer
(Dev Bootcamp, 19 February 2013)

Tampa Founder Institute Early Applications Due Sunday
(Founder Institute, 12 February 2013)

The Founder Institute Launches Newest Chapter in Tampa, Florida
(Founder Institute, 6 February 2013)

Entrepreneurship program wins for impact on community
(The Crow’s Nest, 21 January 2013)

USFSP entrepreneurship program wins national recognition
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 16 January 2013)

USF St. Petersburg Entrepreneurship Program wins national honor
(USFSP, 16 January 2013)

Carvoyant Is Ready To Put Your Car In The Cloud
(TechCrunch, 12 January 2013)

en·gine (en-juhn). noun, power to produce force or motion
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Institute may aid Bay startups
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Tampa Bay Startup: MamaBear Giving Parents A Piece Of Mind
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Teburu Debuts An Android-Based Online & Mobile Ordering Platform For Restaurants
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Announcing Top 10 Technology Startups 2012
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2012 Up & Comers: Daniel Scott
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A USFSP professor is challenged in war-weary Iraq to inspire an entrepreneurial culture
(Tampa Bay Times, 26 October 2012)

Mobile App Designers, Developers Do It In Tampa Bay
(83 Degrees Media, 9 October 2012)

TBTF names Industry Achievement Award finalists
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 1 October 2012)

In race for best entrepreneurial ecosystems, other Florida metro areas accelerating their plans
(Tampa Bay Times, 1 October 2012)

Entrepreneurial ecosystem keeps building but trick is to get it to a tipping point
(Tampa Bay Times, 27 September 2012)

Carvoyant Receives Funding from Stage 1 Ventures
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Sykes Entrepreneur Spotlight with John Morrow
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Reporter’s economic notes from wandering the Republican National Convention so far
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The Other Bay Area: Why You Should Pay Attention To Tampa Bay’s Growing Startup Scene
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‘Camp’ tech events merge, widen scope
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Launch Your Company And Get A Tan: The Best Startup Funding Resources In Florida
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Crowdfunding startup sees opportunity in city projects
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What Happens After Startup Weekend? Accelerate? Incubate?
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Should Your Startup Apply To An Accelerator?
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Can you ace a baker’s dozen business quiz about Tampa Bay?
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Creating Your Own Business: Financing Your Business [VIDEO]
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Orlando Startup Accelerator venVelo Gets Funding from Oakstone, Launches Investment Program
(Florida Technology Journal, 18 July 2012)

Greg Ross-Munro: ‘We’d be crazy to leave Tampa Bay’
(Tampa Bay Wave, 16 July 2012)

CEO Update
(TBTF, 9 July 2012)

Reuben Pressman: St Pete’s First Entrepreneurial Scholar
(Tampa Bay Wave, 5 July 2012)

Tampa Hackathon: Citizen Solvers Code For A Cause
(83 Degrees Media, 29 June 2012)

It’s not Austin or Denver, but Tampa Bay is getting cooler
(Tampa Bay Times, 24 June 2012)

Tampa Bay 6/20 Plan Envisions a Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Tampa Bay
(Tampa Bay Technology Forum, 22 June 2012)

Worry over entrepreneurial stall sparks plan to attract startup talent, capital
(Tampa Bay Times, 20 June 2012)

Carvoyant: Tampa Bay’s Driving Force in Auto Service Innovation
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Gazelle Lab’s Daniel Scott and Brent Britton on Front Row Tampa Bay
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John Morrow on what RNC visitors will learn about Tampa Bay
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Entrepreneurs Envision a Stronger Economic Future
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Group launches plan to boost ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’
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Teburu: Feeding a Restauranteur’s Hunger for Online Ordering
(Tampa Bay Wave, 5 June 2012)

Get clicking: Voting starts now for Social Madness
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 1 June 2012)

Tampa Bay Startup Helps Drivers Connect The Dots When It Comes To Car Engine Light Mysteries
(Know Howe, 21 May 2012)

Jeff Baird on Cloud Plumbing
(Cloud Plumbing, 10 May 2012)

Awesomeness finds support in Saint Petersburg
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USF St. Petersburg entrepreneur program is already producing winners
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Startup Weekend Tampa Schedule
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New research council, better EDC focus, more startup buzz: 5 things to know about Tampa Bay
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CEO Update
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Elevator Pitch: Carvoyant helps car owners spot problems before they happen
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Businesses to Watch: Red Hawk Interactive
(Florida Trend, 1 April 2012)

Gazelle Lab Coffee Talk
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Carvoyant Tells You What The #@!!% Check Engine Light Means (And Where To Get It Fixed)
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Gazelle Lab In Year 2 Startup Mode, Tampa Bay
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Bus trip to Austin bolsters startup culture in Tampa Bay
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Innovation Tampa Bay w/TBTF & Gazelle Lab
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You Know You Want to Change Your Life. But How?
(Startup Weekend, 14 March 2012)

Buy-local advocate lines up advisers
(Tampa Bay Times, 4 March 2012)

Inspired by Contribute? Want to get involved? Want to learn more? Check it out.
(New Roots News, 22 February 2012)

Agile, Craftsmanship and Exciting News!
(Cory Foy, 15 February 2012)

Gazelle Lab start-up crew puts Tampa Bay program on hold, embraces Orlando this spring
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Resources & Perspectives
(Florida Trend, 1 February 2012)

Reuben & Hunter: Creative Duo Exude Energy, Ideas
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Third Round of Speakers and Panelists Announced for Social : Mobile : Payments | Conference & Exhibition
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Gazelle Lab – Bringing Innovation to Tampa Bay
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St. Pete’s Gazelle Lab Expands To Orlando
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Gazelle Lab opening Orlando tech incubator
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Predictions: 20 things to watch for in Tampa Bay in 2012
(Tampa Bay Times, 1 January 2012)

TechVenture 2011 Rocked Orlando
(Florida Technology Journal, 1 January 2012)

Gazelle Lab expands to Orlando
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 30 December 2011)

After 2011 start, Gazelle Lab business adding Orlando site
(Tampa Bay Times, 29 December 2011)

Tampa’s TechStars Network Member Gazelle Lab Opens 2nd Location In Orlando
(TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, 29 December 2011)

TechStars Launches Accelerato.rs, A Common App For Startups And A Results Tracker For Accelerators
(TechCrunch, 28 December 2011)

The Top 11 Stories of 2011
(Creative Tampa Bay, 28 December 2011)

Haneke Design Challenges USF Students to Mobile Application Design Competition
(Tampa Bay Technology Forum, 19 December 2011)

Startup culture starts to set down roots in Tampa Bay business community
(St. Petersburg Times, 18 December 2011)

Seeds for growth: Tampa investors out of the shadows
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 16 December 2011)

Video: Not Your Average Speakers, Champions For Change
(83 Degrees Media, 13 December 2011)

A New Twist On Gift Cards: Dropost.it Lets You Leave Money For Friends At Any Location
(TechCrunch, 6 December 2011)

Gazelle Lab’s Demo Day Celebrates Entrepreneurship
(Florida High Tech Corridor, 1 December 2011)

Gazelle Lab
(USF Magazine, 1 December 2011)

Champions For Change: Not Your Average Speakers
(83 Degrees Media, 29 November 2011)

Getting Seed Capital in Florida for Startups
(Karen Rands on Blog Talk Radio, 23 November 2011)

USFSP entrepreneurs compete for start-up funding
(The Crow’s Nest, 22 November 2011)

90 Days In a Startup Accelerator
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Gazelle Lab’s Demo Day
(Florida Venture Sourcing, 20 November 2011)

Gazelle Lab Pitch
(Leading Entrepreneurship, 19 November 2011)

Forget six tenors. Try six founders on Mahaffey Theater stage for Demo Day pitching start-ups
(Tampa Bay Times, 18 November 2011)

On Demo Day, celebrating entrepreneurs but feeling we’ve only started a long journey
(St. Petersburg Times, 18 November 2011)

Gazelle Lab Demo Day Showcased Work of Start-Ups and Students
(USFSP, 18 November 2011)

Tampa’s New TechStars Network Incubator, Gazelle Lab, Launches 6 Companies
(TechCrunch, 17 November 2011)

Have a new business idea? Here’s 8 minutes to pitch it
(WTSP 10 News, 17 November 2011)

Demo Day: Gazelle Lab At USFSP Tests StartUps
(83 Degrees Media, 15 November 2011)

Two Startups Out Of Startup Weekend Tampa To Pitch This Thursday
(Startup Weekend, 14 November 2011)

For six Tampa Bay startups, it comes down to an 8-minute pitch for investors on Nov. 17
(Tampa Bay Times, 13 November 2011)

Startup Florida Kicks Off With Five Events Across the State During Global Entrepreneurship Week
(Startup America Partnership, MarketWatch & MSNBC, 11 November 2011)

Gazelle Lab Demo Day November 17th
(Tampa Bay Technology Forum, 11 November 2011)

St. Pete’s Gazelles prepare to leap
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 10 November 2011)

Tampa Bay’s Entrepreneurship Events in November
(Maddux NewsWire, 9 November 2011)

Startup America Partnership Chooses Tampa Bay to Launch Florida Initiative
(Tampa Bay Wave, 9 November 2011)

Not Your Average Speakers: Champions For Change
(83 Degrees Media, 8 November 2011)

Gazelle Lab Demo Day Showcases Work of Start-Ups and Students
(USFSP, 8 November 2011)

Not Your Average Speaker Series Pt. 2
(83 Degrees Media, 8 November 2011)

Tampa Bay Chosen for Startup America Partnership’s Florida Initiative Launch
(Maddux NewsWire, 8 November 2011)

Two Weeks to Demo Day
(Aubrey Goodman’s More Than You Wanted To Know Blog, 6 November 2011)

Spot the Gazelles (print only)
(Gulf Coast Business Review, 4 November 2011)

Tampa Bay participates in Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 14 – 20
(Creative Tampa Bay, 2 November 2011)

City of Tampa Declares November as Entrepreneurship Month
(Maddux NewsWire, 2 November 2011)

The Stars of Gazelle Lab Demo Day
(Maddux NewsWire, 1 November 2011)

5 Startup Incubators Rocking Our World
(CashToStart.com, 31 October 2011)

Mentors prepping six Gazelle Lab start-ups for stage debuts
(Tampa Bay Times, 25 October 2011)

What’s Working In Tampa Bay: Not Your Average Speakers
(83 Degrees Media, 21 October 2011)

Predicting Market Forces and Trends
(Joseph Warren, 21 October 2011)

Meet Tampa Bay’s Top Startups at Gazelle Lab Demo Day
(Maddux NewsWire, 20 October 2011)

TechStars – Episode 5
(Bloomberg.com, 11 October 2011 – Check out Marvin Scaff and Brad Feld!)

Creative Business
(Gulf Coast Business Review, 7 October 2011)

83 Degrees Media: Not Your Average Speakers Series
(83 Degrees, 6 October 2011)

Creating a Hot Startup Accelerator
(Joseph Warren, 28 September 2011)

Customers will be hopping into your store with Kngroo
(Kickoff Labs Blog, 27 September 2011)

BarCamp Tampa Bay 2011
(Jon Adair’s Pseudorandom Blog, 26 September 2011)

Best of the Bay 2011 – Best Idea Incubator
(Creative Loafing Tampa, 22 September 2011)

Dropost.it changes the way you share gifts
(Kickoff Labs Blog, 21 September 2011)

BarCamp Tampa Bay: a haven for creatives, techies and more
(Creative Tampa Bay, 14 September 2011)

Geeks And Drinks: Creating A Technology WaVE In Tampa Bay
(83 Degrees, 13 September 2011)

Six Entrepreneurs Begin Gazelle Lab Initiative
(USFSP Harbor Notes, 1 September 2011)

Mad Mobile provides co-working space to Gazelle Lab companies
(Creative Tampa Bay, 30 August 2011)

Sneak Peak At Gazelle Lab’s Startups, St. Petersburg
(83 Degrees, 30 August 2011)

Mad Mobile Hosts Gazelle Lab
(Maddux NewsWire, 28 August 2011)

A funny thing happened on the way to the Valley…
(autoiqblog.tumblr.com, 24 August 2011)

Final six startups make cut in Gazelle Lab’s 90-day crash course in launching a business
(Tampa Bay Times, 23 August 2011)

And they’re off… Gazelle Lab springs into action
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 23 August 2011)

What’s Next For Tampa? Technology Hub Plus
(83 Degrees, 23 August 2011)

From Mobile Games to Connected Cars: Sneak Peek at Gazelle Lab’s First 6 Startups
(TechCrunch, The Washington Post, 22 August 2011)

New TechStars Network Member Gazelle Lab Launches in Tampa Bay
(TechCrunch, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, 22 August 2011)

Tampa Bay Leaders Spur Economic Recovery
(83 Degrees, 16 August 2011)

Top 15 Business Accelerator Programs
(Sales Development, 16 August 2011)

Teburu Disrupts Restaurant World, Wins USF Business Plan Competition
(83 Degrees, 16 August 2011)

10 who make Tampa Bay area’s economic outlook brighter
(Tampa Bay Times, 7 August 2011)

Gazelle Lab Application Lessons – Part 2
(Leading Entrepreneurship, 5 August 2011)

Incubators… Accelerators… and now Gazelles
(KnowHowe, 31 July 2011)

Gazelle Lab Application Lessons – Part 1
(Leading Entrepreneurship, 29 July 2011)

Startup Weekend Tampa: Synergy = Real Outcomes
(83 Degrees, 19 July 2011)

Are you smarter than a business executive? Try these 10 questions
(Tampa Bay Times, 10 July 2011)

Tampa Bay’s Plan To Start
(Maddux NewsWire, 4 July 2011)

Tampa Bay Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Launch It, Love It And Then What?
(83 Degrees, 28 June 2011)

U.S. must create 21M jobs by 2020; Tampa Bay innovators are doing their part
How Gazelle Lab may help bring grass roots job growth
Innovators pierce dark job forecast

(Tampa Bay Times, 26 June 2011)

Gazelle Lab Helps Tampa Bay Entrepreneurs Do More Faster
(Creative Tampa Bay, 22 June 2011)

Daniel James Scott of Gazelle Lab
(Florida Technology Journal, 20 June 2011)

Gazelle Lab Offers Training, Funding for Local Business Start-ups
(USFSP, 13 June 2011)

Introducing Gazelle Lab
(Maddux NewsWire, 13 June 2011)

Introducing Gazelle Lab
(Examiner.com, 10 June 2011)

Gazelle Lab Targets Young Companies With Need For Speed
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 10 June 2011)

Gazelle Lab Founding Board Members
(Tampa Bay Business Journal, 10 June 2011)

The Gazelle Lab
(Leading Entrepreneurship, 15 April 2011)

Tampa Bay Economic Yearbook 2011
(Florida Trend, 1 April 2011)

Entrepreneur: Day 0
(SeanDavis.me, 17 March 2011)

CEO Amanda Frazier from SynergyHub to join to Quorumm
(Quorumm Digital Venture Partners, 5 March 2011)